I've been on my own trying to get my sites to high ranking in Major search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN etc using organic search engine optimization techniques. These are some of my seo findings to make your life easy and get you started with instantaneous SEO analysis.

You will need to know how search engines work exactly. You need to understand search engine algorithms. How they list your site on first pages for specific keywords

I would recommend you to read digital point forums and other large webmaster forums like v7n or site point and learn from what you read. Participate in seo forums and ask questions.

I would recommend a book to start off with the basics. I read a book called Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day. It is a very basic book, but good in my opinion for getting your feet wet. SEO is a constantly changing environment so reading books alone will not keep you up to speed. You must try, try and try again if you really wish to get some decent results. Experience will be the best teacher. I hope this helps some.

Once you have a site ready I recommend that you submit your site to Google and MSN via their submission service.

Unique content is great, but content sites with good search engine ranking and automatic money coming in with Adsense, sell quickly. Spammy auto generated content is crap. It has no resale value and could lead you to permanent ban from search engines. Ok I just start some basic idea about SEO Work…..You just fallow…

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of refining your site so that it attains a ranking high enough to be seen by visitors using search engines. Search engines and Directories are one of the most cost effective ways to generate traffic when compared to purchasing links and advertising. Google and Yahoo form the most used search engines by the vast majority of surfers.

What are the Major Search Engines?
The major search engines in the order of importance are:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • Ask Jeeves
  • AllTheWeb
  • AltaVista & Much More...
LinkBuilding Overview:-

Promoting webs provides affordable and efficient link building. With this service we follow the best techniques and avoid the link development that will leave a negative effect on your site.

Today's major search engines monitor incoming links (link popularity) from other relevant and/or quality websites as a major role in determining who ranks above whom. Focusing on quality websites AND the proper use of anchor text within those one-way, incoming links have proven to be extremely effective in generating top rankings. Most businesses do that by making their website rank high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Link Popularity Building is one way of ensuring a high SERP ranking. As the name suggests, Link Building helps search engines detect a high level of popularity, ensuring better ranking. The logic behind it is rather simple: if your site is popular, it must be good (after all no one wants to link up with a poor site), and therefore, deserves better ranking. Although the major benefit of Link Building is to increase the rankings of a web page on Search Engines for different keywords, Link Building also helps enhance brand presence, increase direct traffic and help in deep indexing of a website.

Link Building Definition:-
“It's the online equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising. And just like its offline cousin, it's the most effective way to get new business. “


“It’s a managerial process of identifying, analyzing, choosing and exploiting marketing opportunities to fulfill the company’s mission and objectives. “
This advertising mode is known as "Link building," and it involves getting other Web sites to link to your site. It's like one of your neighbors recommending a good plumber or handyman; it carries more weight than if a person just stumbled across your Web site.”


Link Building is the process of enhancing the Link Popularity of a webpage by creating links to it from other websites, in order to increase Search Engine Ranking of that webpage.
Link Popularity is the main factor by which modern search engines rank the Web Pages. As such, a focused link building campaign must be at the core of the successful search engine optimization strategy.

Promoting Webs team of link building specialists are equipped to provide complete link building support that includes everything from Reciprocal / Non-Reciprocal Linking to Competition Back Link Evaluation and Link Building Campaigns .

Non Reciprocal Link Exchange Services:-
One-way links or Non reciprocal links are just what it says. You get a link without having to give a link back. One-way links When a person links his website to yours without asking for a link in return, then it is known as a One Way Link. These links are the best way to have inbound links without giving out or trading links from your site to outside sites, as they do not look like a reciprocal link exchange. These give the appearance of natural link building process and are the best way to increase the link popularity of the site by getting relevant links for the site. One-way links count a lot more than swapping links. There are two main advantages to non-reciprocal links as opposed to reciprocal links, the first is that these links will hold more weight, as they aren't reciprocated (the search engines can detect whether links are reciprocal) and the second advantage is that they don't have to be monitored as closely as reciprocal links.

How to Get Non-Reciprocal Links to Your Website and Improve Your Page Rank:

Directory Submission : submitting your website's link to directories is another way of getting backlinks.
Article Submission : Writing several articles and submitting them to article directories for publication is a great way to build one-way links. By including a link to your website in your articles resource box, you not only gain quality one-way links but also drive free targeted traffic to your site.
E-mail signatures : Start using E-mail signatures. They might not produce thousands of visitors, but are a great way to promote your site a bit without having to actually do anything.

Press Release : Press release is simply an announcement of an important event for your business. Just like article marketing, you can gain one-way links by writing a press release with a link pointing to your site and submitting it to other websites.

Reciprocal Link Exchange Services :-

Reciprocal link building process is reciprocal in nature, somewhat like a give and take deal and is therefore, also known as a Two-way link building process. In this process, when a website A gives a link to website B, then website B gives a link to website A, in return. Though, one way links are the great option for increasing link popularity of a site, Reciprocal links are a good option too, in terms of there low costs and effective and inexpensive services, yielding to economical results. If used in a balanced and systematic manner, Reciprocal link exchange can help in promoting your website, product, or services, effectively and efficiently. Increase your site's PageRank (PR) and Link Popularity by choosing from our Reciprocal Link Exchange or Only Incoming Link Building Campaigns. Boost your site's Google PageRank through a focused LinkBuilding program.

LinkBuilding Advantages
  • Improves natural search engine rankings (also called organic search engine rankings)
  • One of the best SEO techniques for flash websites
  • Results in a high ROI in the long run
  • Generates brand awareness and recognition
  • No recurring PPC costs in cases of one-time fee links
  • Cheap source of direct traffic

Another benefit that exists in increased PageRank (PR) (Value of importance give to webpage by Google on a scale of 0-10) value. We don't really consider that a benefit as a higher PR value is of no significance unless it directly contributes towards higher natural search engines rankings. Our research has shown that a lower PR webpage can rank better than higher PR webpage simply if it has quality inbound links.

What you should remember when building links:

Why would someone want to exchange a link with your site? It can be answered in two words:

QUALITY CONTENT. If your site has nothing new or important to present, why would someone want to link to it?
Links from websites related to your own topic or theme need to be obtained. If those in your own area think highly enough of your website to link to it, what does that say? Getting a link from a major directory or high ranking website can be more important than say 20 links from smaller sites (even in your own area). Again, if a big name player gives you a link, what does the little guy will think?

TIME--it will take time so one must be patient

Importance of Google in Link Building:
A Survey of Google's Page Rank Within the past few years, Google has become the far most utilized search engine worldwide. A decisive factor therefore was, besides high performance and ease of use, the superior quality of search results compared to other search engines. This quality of search results is substantially based on Page Rank, a sophisticated method to rank web documents.

The Page Rank Concept:
Page Rank is not simply based upon the total number of inbound links. The basic approach of Page Rank is that a document is in fact considered the more important the more other documents link to it, but those inbound links do not count equally. First of all, a document ranks high in terms of Page Rank, if other high ranking documents link to it.
So, within the Page Rank concept, the rank of a document is given by the rank of those documents which link to it. Their rank again is given by the rank of documents which link to them. Hence, the Page Rank of a document is always determined recursively by the Page Rank of other documents. Since - even if marginal and via many links - the rank of any document influences the rank of any other, Page Rank is, in the end, based on the linking structure of the whole.

The Page Rank Algorithm
The original Page Rank algorithm was described by Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin in several publications. It is given by:

PR (A) = (1-d) + d (PR (T1)/C (T1) + ... + PR (Tn)/C (Tn))

The Google Toolbar displays Page Rank on a scale from 0 to 10. First of all, the Page Rank of an actually visited page can be estimated by the width of the green bar within the display. If the user holds his mouse over the display, the Toolbar also shows the Page Rank value.

Where to Start?
The easiest place to start, when building non- reciprocating incoming links, is the directories. There are thousands of directories out there focused on a variety of different fields. Find the directories related to your industry and submit your site to them. After you have submitted to all the directories related to your website it's time to move on to other sites. Now you will have to apply the rules noted above and determine how much time each link is worth and how to allot your valuable time in attaining them.

First you will have to build a marketable and optimized web site that provides your visitors valuable content for the search terms they are entering. Link building is the icing. Without the cake it amounts to nothing. These methods are the most popular ones - but there are more. Quite often you will find out your site is linked to without your knowledge - provided it is good enough for that. So never stop improving your site - it will pay back sooner or later. Monitor the results of you link building campaign - and if you feel something is wrong, re-consider your strategy. Try and utilize as many methods as possible - and whatever you do, always be creative, imaginative and dedicated.


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