Across, 10 letters.

A link is _____________ when two sites link to each other; a type of backlink that should be avoided.


Down, 8 letters.

The way Google estimates a site's popularity. Can be from 1 to 10.


Down, 7 letters.

An advertising program by Google.


Across, 4 letters.

The largest human-edited search directory.


Down, 5 letters.

A technology for making Web movies; used mostly for banners.


Across, 8 letters.

A link that leads to nowhere.


Across, 8 letters.

One of the most popular SEO sites, which provides many SEO tools, articles and a discussion forum for SEO professionals.


Across, 3 letters.

The search engine owned by Microsoft.


Down, 6 letters.

The actual text of a link; the words that are hyperlinked to another site/file/bookmark.


Across, 3 letters.

The document which controls the visual appearance of a site.


Across, 9 letters.

One of the most famous search engine bots.


Down, 7 letters.

Once this was the most important item for search engines.


Down, 6 letters.

A page that has no inbound (and very often no outbound) links.


Down, 8 letters.

An in ethical SEO practice that includes creation of a group of highly interlinked sites aimed at inflating link popularity.


Across, 9 letters.

A group of keywords.


Across, 9 letters.

The file, which tells search engines the pages and directories of a site that are to be excluded from indexing.


Down, 7 letters.

When several blogs and sites link to the same site, with the same anchor text, aiming to push this page to the top of Google for the keyword in the anchor text.


Down, 8 letters.

Artificially inflating keyword density.


Down, 12 letters.

The practice of linking together several domains usually owned by the same person/company in an attempt to artificially inflate a site's popularity.

SERP (search engine result page)

Across, 4 letters.

An abbreviation for pages with search results.


Across, 8 letters.

An unethical SEO practice attempting to mislead spiders about the actual content of a site.


Down, 5 letters.

A company that provides traffic estimates and a rank for most of the sites on the Internet.


Across, 6 letters.

A site that is excluded from search engines is called _____.


Across, 6 letters.

Actually it is several HTML pages but with the same URL. One of the nightmares of SEO.


Down, 7 letters.

This is where Google places your site until it gets mature to be included in search engines.


Down, 9 letters.

The generic name for a browser, a search engine spider or any program that requests a Web page.


Across, 7 letters.

A black hat SEO practice that uses a single page, stuffed with keywords, to get higher rankings with the search engines. Also known as "gateway page" or "bridge page".


Down, 8 letters.

The other name of unethical SEO practices.


Across, 3 letters.

The text that appears when you put your mouse on top of an image or a picture.


Down, 7 letters.

A page that contains a list of all the links on a site.


Across, 3 letters.

The number of times a file on a Web site is accessed is called ______.


Across, 8 letters.

Once it was the leader in PPC Engines, now it is part of Yahoo!.


Down, 7 letters.
The percentage of keywords on a page.


Across, 6 letters.



Down, 5 letters.

An electronic magazine that pubishes mainly articles.


Across, 14 letters.

The number of backlinks a page has, regardless of the quality of the pages or sites linking to it.


Down, 7 letters.

The score Yahoo! gives to a site. Can be from 1 to 10.


Down, 8 letters.

A link from your site to another.


Down, 5 letters.

One of the major search engines.


Across, 7 letters.

A link that comes from another site to yours.


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